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Since this site begain in March of 1999, I have recieved many letters from visitors who either had questions or comments or both. I love to hear from my visitors so I thought that I would add a new page to the website and share some of their correspondence with you. (with permission of course! ;) If you ever hear anyone say, "Buddy Holly (or Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper)WHO???"- just point 'em this way... The fans tell it like it is!

The letter below comes from Robin Gertken of Wisconsin. Thanks Robin for letting me publish your comments! :)

"Hello, I have been listening to Buddy Holly since I was a kid. Growing up, my mom played it all the time at home so his music became very familiar to me and I have always loved it. I recently watched the Buddy Holly Story on television though and have a renewed interest in him and his wonderful music. As a result, I seem to have developed this uncontrolable urge to express how his music has affected me. I am only 25 years old and it just breaks my heart that his life was cut short when he was younger than I am. (I would give anything to have been alive in 1958 and to have seen him perform!) I think Buddy Holly's music and absolutly fabulous vocal style(nobody else could make the words TING-A-LING sound so incredible!) has the ability to stir up such a wide variety of emotions in the listener. As for myself, I can be in the worst mood in the world and Ollie Vee will without fail put a smile on my face! That particular song is performed with such energy, it positivly jumps out of the headphones and right into my brain. Music that has the power to potentially change something bad into something good is, to me, such a profound gift and should never be forgotten. This is a feeble attempt to describe to you just how much I value and love Buddy Holly and his brilliant music. I teach preschool and my children and I dance to his music on a weekly basis, they just love "Buddy Holly music time"! As my mother instilled in me a love for his misic when I was young, I want to also do the same for my students. This way, Buddy Holly WILL NOT fade away..."


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