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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the website. It's my tribute to three of rock 'n roll's greatest. May their music never die!


New from Clay Lindley:

Clay writes about his screen play called "The Flip of a Coin". Based on the life of Tommy Allsup and his recollections of the Winter Dance Party 1959, "Flip is making some big noise and could be in production very soon. Please check back for more on the screenplay as Clay will be updating us. Also coming to the website: News and updates from Tommy Allsup. Much more from Tommy and Clay very soon so stay tuned..

Also new today are a few new links that I have added to the main page. Check 'em out and have fun!


Added: A link (from the main page) to a story on Country Capsule. Waylon Jennings talks about Buddy Holly and the Winter Dance Party 1959.


New today: An in-depth interview with Ritchie's manager, Bob Keane. This interview comes from Cosmic Debris online magazine and I would urge you to read not only the interview with Bob but some of the others on their site as well. These guys do a great job and give you a LOT of information in their interviews so go and enjoy.

Also of note: As many of you know, I am the "webmaster" for Carl's Bunch's new site and we are working to get several things online right now. Something cool is that Carl now has his own working message board on the site and it would be a great place for you to ask questions or just leave Carl a note. I know you guys have TONS of questions about Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Bopper, Dion & the Belmonts or Frankie Sardo. Or just about the Winter Dance Party in general. Well, Carl is the man to give you some answers so be sure to stop by and say hello. Carl has also played with many other famous artists in the past so get your questions ready and fire away. Hope everyone is enjoying the site. Let me know if there's anything you would like to contribute or see on here. Cyberhugs to you all.. Chantel


Tonight I added a biography on Carl Bunch and you can visit it here: Carl's bio page. This one is a little longer than the one that appears on his website. I also added a link on the main page to a short interview with Donna Ludwig. Donna is the gal Ritchie wrote his famous song about and it's interesting to hear what she has to say about him. Enjoy!


Ok, so I'm feeling REALLY guilty about not working on the site! LOL! Today I updated the Winter Dance Party 1959 page and added an article with quotes from tour member, Fred Milano (of Dion & the Belmonts). Also of note: Look for news from Tommy Allsup and Clay Lindley here soon as Clay tells us about his new screen play, The Flip of a Coin. Through Tommy's eyes, Clay has taken a look back at Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.P. Richardson & the Winter Dance Party 1959. Good stuff ya'll, so stay tuned!


I was checking out my message board tonight and saw that I had a complaint from a website visitor about there not being enough new updates on the site. I'll admit that I haven't had much time for web work lately but the note made me feel kind of guilty. So guess what? I updated! LOL! Go to the "Upcoming Events" link on the main page and check it out. I posted info on the Ritchie Valens music festival that is happening next month in Ritchie's home town. Also some photos of when I made the trip out to Pacoima in 1999. Hope you guys enjoy-- Kevin, this is just for you! :)


I haven't had much of a chance to do any work on the site lately but I wanted to invite everyone to come and visit Carl Bunch's new home on the It's still very much under construction but stop by, sign the guestbook and let Carl know you were there. More coming soon-both here and on Carl's site too so everyone come back for a visit! My best to all of you. Chantel


I've added a few things to the Feb 3 page that concerns the 1959 plane crash. This includes one interesting article about a man who may have talked to pilot Roger Peterson by radio just before the plane went down. Interesting stuff so check it out. Something else I added was an answer to the question I get asked most --- Was the plane called American Pie? After I heard our local oldies DJ give the wrong answer to this, I decided to try to help set the record straight. Anyway, head over and have a look. I'll be updating more pretty soon so stay tuned.

Also of note: I was contacted by Heather Whitten of Universal Music Group and Hip-O Records. She wanted fans to know that Hip-O released Waylon Jennings, "Phase One: The Early Years 1958-1964" on March 5th. The album is a very good collection of Waylon's early work including tracks produced by Buddy Holly. It sounds good and as soon as I receive my copy and give it a listen, I'll post a short review here. If you want to visit Hip-0 records for more information, click on the banner on my main page or visit their website here:


Added a page on the Surf Ballroom. I also want to say thanks to all who are signing the guestbook, writing or posting on the message board. Glad to know you are enjoying the site!


I have added the biographies on Buddy Holly & Ritchie Valens that I had on my old site as of last night. Also there is link now to Feb. 3, 1959. Much more coming so stay tuned..sometimes website work gets pushed to the backburner a little more than I would like..

Please note: As of yesterday (2/12/02) I changed my email at yahoo. All email to me for the site should be sent to Due to problems with my other yahoo account, I won't be using anymore. So if you have my address saved, please make a note of the change. Thanks!


My interview with Carl Bunch for Holly International magazine is now posted for those that didn't get to read it the first time around. (it is from 1999) Carl was Buddy Holly's drummer on the WDP 1959. Check it out on the Winter Dance Party '59 page.

I also added two picture pages for Carl which you might enjoy. Click for Carl's page

Even though I haven't had much luck with message boards in the past, I thought I would try it again so if you have something to say, here's your chance! :)

After a LONG period of inactivity, I have finally started to revamp my site. Previous visitors will remember the old site here that began in Feb. of 1999 and may wonder where certain sections of it are. Not to worry..they (along with some totally new things) will be back but in a different (and hopefully BETTER) form very soon. Integrated into this site will also be my Winter Dance Party 2000 website which was previously hosted by Homestead. If you have tried to visit that site address you will find the webpage down and that is purely because Homestead became a "pay" site not too long ago. Since this is a fan page only and not a commercial venture, I decided to end my stay at Homestead and build on Tripod exclusively. It's still free and you will find this site here as long as they stay that way..

Something else that is gone is my old email address.. please make note of my new address:

I am totally redoing everything so I hope you will be patient as I rebuild. Since it is Winter Dance Party time, I have started with those pages and will try to have something online about the Winter Dance Party 1959 up until Feb. 3. Other sections will be added as I have time. Write me and tell me if there is something I had on here before that you would like to see again and I will try to get the most popular pages back on next. Also feel free to write if you have a question or comment. I'm always glad to hear from site visitors!

If you haven't already checked out the Winter Dance Party 2002 page, I encourage you to do so and make a note of John Mueller's schedule. John puts on the BEST tribute to Buddy Holly that I have ever witnessed and I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. The guys are on the road right now with John as Buddy Holly, JP Richardson Jr. as the Bopper and new comer Ray Anthony as Ritchie Valens. If you have attended one of the shows this time, send me some pictures or comments and I will post them for everyone to see and enjoy.

If you have ANYTHING of interest that you would like to add to the site let me know and I'll see about getting it on here for you. I'd love to have some stories on here from the"kids" who attended any of the Winter Dance Parties in 1959 so if you know someone who attended, tell them to get in touch! :)

That's about it for now but I will be posting news here from time to time. Thanks to everyone who has visited in the past and to all who have written to send their support. I appreciate all of you and hope you will come back again and again.

God Bless!

Webmaster: Chantel

PS..Don't forget to sign the guestbook so I will know that you were here! :)